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Flyer with Student Athlete Coaching and Consulting and DC Cup 

We have partnered with the Student Athlete Coaching and Consulting for all of your video needs, the official video partner of the DC Cup. 

U-12 - U-19 games starting at only $12.95 per player ($233.10)

Price is per game for an unlimited amount of downloads. Price is based upon a team of 18 players. For more details visit   

Save $50 when you purchase 3 games! Additional savings when purchasing more than 3 games, pending your team advancing to the knockout round. 

Here is what you will receive! 

  • Hi-Pod Technology and High definition cameras with full length videos. 
  • Efficient camera footage to maintain the quality of the shot. 
  • Broadcast style scoreboard with running clock 
  • Easy access download through MP4 for the entire team

     Ask us how we can live stream your game across the globe!