U.S. Team Application

Follow the steps below after logging in to GOTSPORT account

Page 1 – Team information: Confirm age group and team information.

Page 2 – Additional Information: Complete All fields.

Page 3 – Team Roster: Enter at least one player to continue with application (additional players can be added at a later date).

Page 4 – Contact Information: Complete All fields.

A list of required documentation for the 4th Annual D.C. Cup will be emailed to you once registered and accepted.


Registration payment: Upon registration 

Team acceptance: Upon registration  

De-conflict request deadline: June 18, 2024 

Brackets released: June 21, 2024

Schedules released: June 23, 2024

Hotel deadline: June 26, 2024 

Online check-in deadline: June 29, 2024