The DC Cup referee family looks to attract the best referees from around the country.  

At least 6 months prior to the next tournament, invitations are extended to past participating referees in good standing.  Once we know how many of the past participants will be returning, the referee committee will be able to determine how many "new" applicants can be invited.  

If you have an interest in being considered for an invitation to officiate at the DC Cup, fill out the form below.

 All Referees:  Please indicate your current grade/level and years of experience in the "comments" section.

Please provide USSF Referees Onlyname and phone number for your SRA and your Assignor in the "Comments" section below. 

All communication with members of the referee family will be via email and registration will be through our website. Our Referee Assignor is Garrett Tucker, and if you would like to reach him then you can do so via email at 

Please note, this is not the area for registration and availability notification for the current year's tournament.  Invited referees should go to the link provided in their invitation to complete the registration process.

Referee Registration 

Referee Release of Liability Form

Referee Itinerary Form