DC = DiverCity is an inclusive program created to promote soccer among youth in D.C. and the metropolitan area. The program welcomes  participants of all backgrounds included, but not limited to sex, religion, race, or creed. The program consists of two components:  

  1. Art work projects begin in the spring between the months of March - June of the D.C. Cup tournament year, during the school year. We partner with various D.C. based organizations serving elementary to middle school aged kids. 
  2. Prior to the D.C. Cup, which is held during the 4th of July weekend,  we select the top 20 artwork projects and create a collage at our tournament headquarters. During the tournament, visitors are asked to cast their vote for the best artwork and we will announce the winner on the final day of the tournament. The winner will be announced at the winner's school and will receive a prize.    

How do you get involved with DC = DiverCity? Contact us at 1-833-725-3338 ext. 3 or via email at communications@dccup.org.