D.C. Cup Cultural Exchange Program (for International Teams only!) 

  • International teams may request the D.C. Cup Cultural Exchange program (for players only). 

The program places players in the homes of local DC, MD, VA teams that also participate in the tournament and is available on a limited basis but is not guaranteed until confirmed by the DC Cup. 

o Requests for the Cultural Exchange program should be made as early as possible in the application process. 

o Teams from North America (Canada and the USA) are not eligible for the Cultural Exchange program.

The Cultural Exchange Program, provided at no cost, include sleeping arrangements and two (2) meals per day.

o The international team is responsible for the cost of the hotel rooms for all staff at one of the D.C. Cup designated hotels.

o Supporters are also encouraged to use the D.C. Cup designated hotels.

o Meals for all staff and any additional meals for the players, all entertainment costs for the entire delegation, and local transportation in the D.C. area are also the responsibility of the international team.

o The local transportation is to be in the form of multi-passenger vans, bus or car rental sufficient to transport the entire delegation and luggage for all team activities.

  • Teams that are approved for the Cultural Exchange Program should arrive in D.C. on the Monday prior to the tournament week and must end their stay the morning following the conclusion of the tournament, for a total of 7 nights.
  • The Cultural Exchange Program will not exceed 7 nights.

o If travel plans call for arrival or departure dates other than those mentioned, the international team is responsible for all additional expenses related to the players’ sleeping arrangements and meals not within the 7 night window of the homestay program.

  • International teams requesting the Cultural Exchange Program must indicate this request on their application form.  
  • International teams must also indicate if they will still participate in the tournament if the Cultural Exchange Program is not available.
  • International teams that are approved for the Cultural Exchange Program will be given detailed information upon notification of invitation to participate in the tournament.

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