Access to parking can oftentimes be a challenge when attending tournaments in a city, but we’ve made sure to station the D.C. Cup in a location in the city that allows you ample options for parking. The hotels will provide Valet parking at an estimated rate of $43 overnight (15 passenger vans do not fit in the garages) if you option to stay at any of the three overflow hotels. Please note that this does not include parking at the Kellogg Conference Hotel which will be free for guests.   

If staying at one of the overflow hotels in NOMA, there are many other parking options. Daily parking in and around the hotels are $8 - $10 per day up until 8 pm. At night time, it is recommended that you park on the streets as parking is free from 8 pm - 6 am. Please make sure to read the signs carefully and to not park in a tow zone area. There are tow trucks who patrol the area and will be looking for one misstep.