Parking and Cameras

Access to parking can oftentimes be a challenge when attending tournaments in a city, but we’ve made sure to station the D.C. Cup at field locations with parking options. Some of our locations have street parking and others have a parking lot, it just depends.  

Daily parking in and around the hotels are $8 - $10 per day up until 8 pm. Street parking is $2.30/ hour. At night time, it is recommended that you park on the streets as parking is free from 8 pm - 6 am. Please make sure to read the signs carefully and to not park in a tow zone area. There are tow trucks who patrol the area and will be looking for one misstep.

D.C. has the most cameras of any city in the country. So be aware of speed and red light cameras. We recommend that even if you know where you are going, that you use Waze or Google Maps to pinpoint the cameras. You do not want to get a camera ticket in D.C. as it can be anywhere between $150 - $800 per ticket.