July 30, 2020

The D.C. Cup has been added to the GotSoccer platform in its featured section for the 2021 event. GotSoccer, subsidiary of GotSport, is the number 1 ranked online youth soccer platform in the country. The software works with hundreds of tournaments across the country as well as state associations for club registration.

"For the 2020 season teams were able to sign up on the GotSoccer platform where they could earn points for having success in our tournament. Unfortunately, we weren't able to proceed with the event this year, but it was our goal to be featured on the GotSoccer platform to attract more and higher level teams to participate in next year's tournament," said Tournament Administrator Justin Reid.

With a little under a year to advertise the tournament, the D.C. Cup is confident that it will reach elite/premier level teams for next year's edition. GotSoccer will send out weekly email campaigns to promote the tournament between now and June of 2021 to its tens of thousands of emails. Most tournaments begin marketing 6-8 months out, but the D.C. Cup is being a bit unique in the sense of marketing nearly a year out. When asked why the need to promote so early? Reid said, "Clubs make decisions on which tournaments they want to participate in next year, this year. So it was important that we got on the club's schedule inorder to make the D.C. Cup a top option when they are choosing their end of Spring 2021 tournaments. We are considered a summer tournament, but we are only weeks after soccer seasons have concluded which is usually in early to mid-June."

The D.C. Cup will monitor its return on the initial $1500 investment on the GotSoccer featured platform.